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Lamparina Hostel Terms and Policies

1- Check-in time is from 14:00 and Check-out is at 11:00. You will be allowed to stay in the room beyond check-out time until a maximum of 17:00, subject to room availability and payment of a fee of 50% of the price for private rooms and 15 reais for shared rooms. After 17:00, a new daily rate will be charged, without prior notice.  

2- Daily rates are paid in advance at the entrance. We work with PIX, cash and debit/credit cards with a single payment (we do not have installments). We do not receive checks, nor do we work with billing.

3- We do not have breakfast service.

4- IT IS PROHIBITED TO SMOKE INSIDE THE ROOM  or in any closed area inside the hostel, LAW Nº 9.294, OF JULY 15, 1996. Subject to a fine of R$ 150 by the receptionist without prior notice.

5- Our private rooms are equipped with: Box beds, pillows, bedding, fans, desk, chair, blackout curtain and 110 volt outlets.

6- On the day of departure, the daily rate ends at 11 am. If the room/bed is not vacated by this time, a new night will be charged. Please inform Reception or via whatsapp if you wish to extend your stay. (subject to availability and payment for confirmation).

7- Guests must settle their accounts daily or as soon as they are presented to them. The lack of payment of the bill means, for the guests, in the withdrawal of the occupation of the room/bed, independently of any formality, reserving to the Management the right to proceed under the terms of Articles 776, nº 1.778 and 779 of the Civil Code.

8- Reservations made without signage of arrival, expire at 21:00 on the day of Check-in, and the room may be rented to another guest, in cases of prior notice, the arrival time will be placed on the guest's room file .

9- ALL VALUABLES MUST BE STORED IN THE SHARED ROOM SINGLE CLOSET OR INSIDE THE PRIVATE ROOM. LAMPARINA HOSTEL is NOT responsible for valuables and/or belongings. We sell padlock, ask at reception.

10- PRIVATE ROOM: The guest is responsible for the room key. In case of loss of the room key, the hotel identification key fob will be charged (amount specified at reception), as well as the locksmith service to change the lock for a new one. Our hostel DOES NOT PROVIDE BOOKING KEYS for rooms for greater security for our guests.

11- It is not allowed to wash / iron clothes / eat, prepare or cook food of any kind in the bedrooms / bathrooms. (There are separate areas in the hostel for this purpose). Subject to fine by reception without prior notice.

12- The following items, which may cause inconvenience to some guests, cannot be brought into the hostel: (Illegal drugs, articles that produce unpleasant noises; Explosives or flammable articles, such as gunpowder, gasoline, etc.; Create situations in the enterprise that disturb other guests)

13- Bed linen and towels are changed every seven days, ask at reception. - Since bed linen or towels that are stains, torn or damaged in any way will be charged, the value of the material, for the laundry service and transferred to your account at reception, the damaged material will be delivered to the guest.

14- If the room/bed, as well as the spaces of common areas and items made available in the reservation (bedding, blankets)  are abnormally dirty for Lamparina standards, or fall into misuse, an extra two-day cleaning fee will be charged.

15- Articles that may affect the appearance of the enterprise must not be placed in bedroom windows or in public areas. We have an area for that.

16- Items stored or forgotten at the hotel will be kept for a maximum of three days. After this period, unclaimed items will be considered abandoned and will be available to the hostel.

17- Only registered people are allowed to go up to the rooms. The team reserves the right to prevent suspicious or dubious persons from entering the hostel rooms. Visitors will be received in the common areas of the hostel, from 09:00 to 23:00, their stay in the rooms is prohibited. For your safety, every visitor must go to the Reception accompanied by the Guest for proper identification and registration. All visitors must complete the registration form, without exception. Guest will be charged a fee for visitors entering/upgrading to rooms.

18- When any employee of this establishment shows omission and does not respond promptly and correctly, guests are asked to take their complaints to the Management, which will take immediate action.

19- Properly use the facilities, furniture and equipment, not being allowed to remove them.

20- LAUNDRY: we offer laundry service, which can ONLY be used accompanied by someone from our team. THE LAUNDRY AREA IS RESTRICTED ACCESS, RESPECT.

21- EXPULSION: the hostel may be free to invite you to leave in case of non-compliance with any of the above rules or in case of aggression/disrespect to any person.  

22- CANCELLATION: in case of cancellation by the guest, the money will be refunded if made up to 7 days before the check-in date and/or the reservation was made online 7 days before the return request or according to the website policy that was made reservation and may not be applied to promotional rates.


In the event of non-compliance with the rules and conditions of accommodation, if it generates material or immaterial damage to the Hostel, employees and third parties, the guest will be jointly and severally liable with their companions or any visitors being charged/debited to the account in the form of indemnity with market replacement prices/fine or under the terms of article 186 of the Brazilian Civil Code, and may even be expelled from the hostel.


The solution of cases not covered by these Regulations will be the responsibility of the Hostel Management.

Acceptance of the hotel's rules is effected upon check-in.

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